Why should you buy handmade soaps?

We often get questions from folks whom we meet, "Why should I buy handmade soaps when I can get soap from the grocery stores?" Therefore, we've decided to put together some of the most important reasons why you should consider picking up a bar of handmade soap next time when you shop.

Quality Ingredients
Artisan soapmakers are able to craft small batches of soap using high-quality oils, butter, natural additives and essential oils that are not found in commercially produced products.

No Synthetic Detergents 
Unlike many body washes or commercial soaps, handmade soaps don’t contain detergents that can irritate or strip moisture from your skin.

Natural Glycerin 
All handmade soap has glycerin, a natural humectant, and the by-product of the soap making process. This helps to keep your skin moisturized, even without lotions. 

Support local
When you buy a bar of handmade soap, you are buying and supporting local businesses. This also means that there's less carbon footprint involved since you are not buying a product that is manufactured in a large plant that uses up a lot of energy. 

Less waste
Apart from these above reasons, we also do not package our soaps and bath products so that we try our best to reduce unnecessary packaging waste. By switching to bar soaps, you also reduce the amount of plastic you buy from the grocery stores. 

There you go! Next time you see a bar of handmade soap, do remember why it's always better to buy handmade soap! 

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